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Factory Wholesale Car Accessories Car Seat Recliner Mechanism Recliner Seats 180 Degree Angle Adjuster

Short Description:

Product name: Car Seat Recliner

Type: Seat Parts

Material: Steel

Size: Overall size 83*14mm

Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China

Model Number: CJ918-1

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1. Usage Scenarios

The angle adjuster is a load-bearing device installed between the seat back and the seat basin. It mainly realizes the inclination angle and folding motion of the seat back, adapts to the needs of different human postures, and is also a transmission structure for the force acting on the backrest by the human body.

The angle adjuster is generally composed of upper and lower connecting plates (some are called AB plates), core parts, connecting rods, handwheels or adjusting handles, return springs and other parts.

The core technology of the recliner lies in the parameter design and manufacture of the tooth shape, and there is no program that can be directly imitated in the design of the tooth shape. Because the inner and outer teeth are the main force-bearing parts, there are high requirements on the tooth profile, tooth surface quality (roughness, wear resistance, fatigue strength of the tooth surface), and tooth root strength.

The core of the tooth shape design is the smooth meshing of the tooth surface and the high number of contact tooth pairs at any position. The ultimate goal is to improve the transmission efficiency and the maximum tooth shape strength. Therefore, the angle adjuster adopts the precision stamping technology.

2. Parameter Details


3. Product Technical Standards

Overall size
Φ83×14mm(core part)
3 KG
Static strength
Rear crash
Dummy 95%, 14~21g(ECE standard)
Operating torque
Dual operating torque ≤3.6N.m
Free play of backrest
With load ±50N on 500mm to rotation center, free play <1mm.
Temperature test
High 80℃ ,low -40 ℃
Fatigue test
500N.m,25000 cycles
Durability test
With load 20N.m 10000cycles; in 60℃, 1000 cycles; in -20 ℃,1000 cycles

4. Production Process


5. Quality Assurance


6. Certificate


7. Contact Information

Ningbo Chunji Technology Limited

Phone: 150 5806 6299 

Email: yama@nbchunji.com 

Address: No.11, Moganshan Road, Xinqi Street, Beilun District, Ningbo City, Zhejiang

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